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Surface Science           Graphene           2D Materials           Nanoparticles Synthesis

Thin Film Coatings           R2R Manufacturing          Semiconductors           Photolithography

LED/ OLED           Flat Panel Displays           Photovoltaics           Photonics

Cathodoluminescence           Nanoelectronics           Composites           Inks

Lithium Batteries           Solar Cells           Photo-Electrochemistry

Quantum Dots           Catalysts           Chemical Synthesis           Flow Chemistry

3D Printing           Nanofibers           Chemical Vapour Deposition           3D Sample Preparation

Microfluidics           Biosensors           3D Live Cell Imaging           Super Resolution Imaging

Neurodegenerative Diseases           Nuclear Organisation           Single Molecule Fluorescence Imaging

Exosomes           Protein Aggregation           Liposomes           Drug Delivery           Biomarkers

Rheology           Emulsions           Microgel Network           Cosmetics           Pharmaceuticals

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Testimonials Customers statements testifying our service excellence

  • “Seng Liong has shown a thorough knowledge of the equipment being installed, and has shown patience and professionalism in addressing any issues that we encountered during the setup of these equipment. Seng Liong has proven to be very available for any minor servicing and/or queries regarding the equipment.”

    Assistant Professor

    Department of Chemistry, NUS